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Fame and Farming

🕔17:28, 22.Jan 2018

As you sit in your easy chair and watch your favorite sports team perform, do you ever dream about being one of those professional players who seem to have it all?  Well the fame and fortune for some of them

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Contending with a Cash Crunch

🕔08:43, 8.Jan 2018

It’s a reality that credit for farming is tightening up throughout the corn belt and great plains.  Some farmers have used up their working capital (a measure of cash or grain available for sale to meet a farm’s financial obligations),

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Independence…Every Day

🕔13:43, 26.Jun 2017

Our United States was officially born on July 4, 1776.  It was the day in history that the U.S. became a free and independent state from England, and ever since then, I believe our nation and it’s ideas of freedom

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Don’t Give Up The Fight

🕔08:58, 18.Apr 2017

It’s been almost 3 years to the day that I wrote about the “Careless Weed” (  It was at that time that Bob Hartzler  and Mike Owen, weed specialists from Iowa State University stated that Palmer amaranth was just moving

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Stan Herd: Agriculture = Art Updated

🕔15:16, 1.Dec 2015

He grew up in the rural town of Protection, Kansas and went to Wichita State in 1968 on an art scholarship.  Stan Herd’s plans at that time did not include his rural roots, but as we all know, life happens

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Wheat Straw into Toilet Paper?

🕔11:10, 11.May 2015

Kimberly-Clark Professional, the folks who manufacture Kleenex and Scott brand products has been exploring the use of wheat straw and bamboo in some of its products since 2011.  Their new “GreenHarvest” line will blend in 20% wheat straw which will

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State Ranking for Ag Numbers

🕔14:02, 12.Mar 2015

A recently released report from NASS (USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service) ranks production and other key data by congressional district based on 2012 Census data.  This information can be useful for your elected representatives and for regular folks who want

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Farmer Plays Trombone, Cows Come Running

🕔11:18, 6.Aug 2014

Watch a farmer play his trombone for his cows in this video.

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Machinery Pete: Looking Back 10 Years Ago Updated

🕔09:02, 16.Apr 2014

Machinery Pete: Looking Back 10 Years
A little game I like to play when blogging online, writing columns for Farm Journal magazine or yakking on our Machinery Pete’s “Auction of the Week” show on RFD-TV. I’ve been compiling auction sale price data so long now, 24 ½ years to be exact, I find more good ground behind me, lots to talk about and compare to today’s sale prices.

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