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Take the Cold Quiz

🕔12:25, 8.Jan 2018

To those of us living in the Midwest, it’s business as usual.  But to many others across the U.S., the recent cold temps seem to be a harsh reminder of Mother Nature’s show of strength and dominance over the human race. 

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For-Evergreen – Recycling Your Christmas Tree

🕔10:28, 10.Jan 2017

With the new year comes the unavoidable task of removing that Christmas tree from your home…but what can you do with it besides merely “chucking” it?  I did a little research and found some very interesting options that would certainly

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Time for a Shelterbelt? Updated

🕔14:28, 21.Oct 2015

Over the past few years, I’ve seen many shelterbelts torn up in my area.  If your shelterbelt has reached its expected life and is in need of replacement, I found some great guidelines to help you get started.  First of

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The fastest tractor in the world! Updated

🕔11:05, 16.Jun 2015

Valtra, a Finnish-based tractor manufacturing company which started in 1951, had one mission in mind:  to beat the speed record for tractors on a surface covered with ice and snow.  They beat the Guinness record on February 9th of this

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8 Ways To Cut Grain Drying Costs

🕔17:18, 19.Nov 2014

Elevators are packed and so are our grain bins, but the crop has to come off before the snow starts to pile up. These frigid temps have left no opportunity for grain to dry out so fans have been constantly

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Case Debuts New Snow Removal Package Updated

🕔15:14, 22.Aug 2014

Snow removal will become much easier this winter with Case Construction Equipment’s new Snow Removal Package for the SR250 and SV300 skid steers. Each skid steer features a 3-feet-wide cab that is fully sealed and pressurized against noise, dust and

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Spring Tree Planting Done Right Updated

🕔14:23, 2.Apr 2014

Learn more about planting trees this spring for tree rows, shelterbelts and other places around the farm.

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